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The Bad Habit Allstars came together out of a shared passion for playing great music. Their repertoire is grounded in a cross section of music greats such as Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Duke Ellington, David Frishberg, Michael Franks, Annie Lennox and others. Various  sojourns into other genres make their performances a very eclectic listening experience.
They bring their life and musical experiences together in their arrangement and performance of standards, samba/bossa nova, torch, blues and some very hard rocking tunes. Roberta Lewis' stunning alto envelops you as it fuses with the tasteful and hypnotic guitar playing of Michael Smith.
A couple of old Chicago boys: Tony Colucci on drums and Neal Pollack on bass comprise the rhythm section and provide the foundation upon which Roberta's voice and Michael's guitar interweave in a dance sometimes melancholy, sometimes hot, and sometimes as cool as a dry martini, but always compelling.
The beguiling chemistry of the band conveys sensuality to the music that will get you in the mood, no matter what your pleasure.  


Our debut at Glenwood Music was a resounding success with a "standing room only" crowd. We'd like to thank everyone for their support in our endeavor and look forward to seeing them at our future performances. Special thanks to Larry Gruber for providing the venue, Jim Stokes for filming the performance, and Dave Hill and Bobshubob for the sound engineering and recording.

Meet the Bad Habit Allstar Crew

For booking information call 970-945-6039 or email


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